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Find Your Zen at Yama Yoga

6 June 2018

Stepping into a traditional gym is hardly a calming experience. The whir of cardio machines and the clank of heavy weights assault your eardrums in the first few seconds. Walking into Yama Yoga isn't like that. This yoga studio strives to be a sanctuary, a home base where you can always expect peace and quiet—both inside the studio and inside your own mind.

Roll out your mat on the glossy hardwood floors, which stretch between brick walls and large windows, to get ready for a relaxing practice. Depending on the class you choose, the patchwork of poses and breathing exercises will vary greatly. If you're looking for a slow flow with simple postures, come to a Yoga Basics class and get started on your journey. For those who want a vigorous class that will build strong muscles and inner heat, options like Vinyasa Fire, Strong Flow, and Hot Vinyasa are all appropriate options.

Find Your Zen at Yama Yoga
Public Domain/Pixabay/Lograstudio