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National Holidays and Celebrations in April

12 April 2023

While Earth Day is an important April holiday, April 22 doesn’t exactly host parties and celebrations. But, no matter! This month find your new favorite holiday, create your own, or even celebrate another holiday just for the fun of this April! 

April 18 is both National Exercise Day and the start of Cleaning for a Reason Week. Enjoy a spring weather outdoor exercise and/or kick off your spring cleaning on the 18th. 

April 23 is National Picnic Day. Set up a date with friends, a special someone, or your family and grab a basket and enjoy a meal in the warm spring weather. 

April 30 is National Tye Dye Day! A super fun activity that everyone will love to participate in, and will result in a trendy fashion piece. 

7SEVENTY7 community, make every day a fun day this April. Celebrate every national day, combine them, or create your own! Make your own fun and make every day a holiday!