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Italian Fare Is Made From Scratch at Egg & Flour Pasta Bar

12 August 2019

It’s actually surprisingly easy to make pasta from scratch, as long as you have eggs and flour on hand. These are the main ingredients you’ll see in practically any pasta recipe. So it makes sense that Egg & Flour Pasta Bar would highlight these ingredients in its name. After all, the newly opened eatery is all about fresh pasta.

Chef/owner Adam Pawlak whips up pasta from scratch as he learned to do growing up in an Italian family. Then he dresses the pasta simply, using classic Italian ingredients that highlight the pasta’s fresh flavor instead of detracting from it. Take a fork to the creste di gallo, dressed in basil pesto or sundried tomato pesto and parmesan cheese. Try the pappardelle tossed with traditional bolognese or plain tomato sauce. Enjoy shells smothered with house-made cheese sauce, flecked with bacon and bread crumbs, and dusted with chives, or dig into the bucatini with Grana Padano cheese, cream, and black pepper. Feel free to substitute low-carb zucchini “noodles” in any of the pasta dishes for a healthier twist.