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Creativity Takes Center Stage During Maker Faire Milwaukee

6 September 2019

“Maker” is a catch-all term that simply applies to anyone who creates. It could be an artist, but the title also encompasses scientists, crafters, and even engineers. Creative people from all of these categories (and many others) will gather at the Wisconsin Center for Maker Faire Milwaukee on September 14th and 15th.

They’ll show off everything they’ve been working on, from fresh works of art to science experiments. Meet them and chat about their various masterpieces as you explore the Maker Faire, and maybe get inspired to start your own DIY project. If you happen to be a maker yourself, you’re invited to join the group of folks exhibiting their projects. Although it’s free to attend, you’re required to register online and bring your ticket to the event. You can also register at the door, but factor in some extra time to wait in line.