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Now Open Near 7Seventy7: Egg and Flour Pasta Bar

26 July 2021

Egg and Flour Pasta Bar has a new location west of 7Seventy7, which really means that you’re fully covered in pasta deliciousness no matter which way you travel from home. This third spot joins the Farwell Avenue and Bay View locations, and offers that same well-priced, well-portioned pasta dishes of its sister restaurants. 

Choose from classics like campanelle with basil pesto or pappardelle with Bolognese, each prepared with freshly made noodles and rich sauces. Signature dishes include carbonara bucatini and rigatoni with tomato cream sauce, plus the incredibly simple yet perfect shells with butter, parmesan, and truffle oil. Egg and Flour Pasta Bar compliments their pasta menu with a few simple salads and bread, and that’s it! Plus, when you consider that most bowls are under $15, you really have no excuse not to make Egg and Flour Pasta Bar a weekly stop for the carb-y dinner of your dreams. 

Egg and Flour Pasta Bar does not offer delivery via third-party carriers, but call ahead ordering for quick pick-up is available.