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Get Your Game On at the Midwest Gaming Classic in Milwaukee

23 March 2022

Get Your Game On at the Midwest Gaming Classic in Milwaukee

Are you a total gaming nerd? Do retro games make you super intrigued and excited? If so, and you’re in the Milwaukee area, you just have to check out the epic Midwest Gaming Classic. The Midwest Gaming Classic is a huge trade show that introduces retro gaming systems, collectible board games, computers, and even card games that you never thought you’d see again!

Come explore everything that this gaming extravaganza has to offer and see if you might even be interested in adding something cool, and unique to your collection. You’ll also meet other gamers with similar interests as yourself in the gaming world, so it might be a fun social event to check out as well. 

Don’t forget to shop while you’re there too! Ton’s of different vendors from all over the country are there to share their unique gaming-related products and services. You never know what you might find! 

The fun starts Friday, April 29th from 6-midnight and lasts until Sunday, May 1, so you don’t have long, be sure to stop in one of those days and subject yourself to a gamer's paradise. Get up and get out to the Midwest Gaming Classic this spring and find your inner gamer.